If I had a time machine, I’d go back to the first person who uttered the mangled phrase “try and” and give him or her a mighty thump right in the middle of the forehead. In fact, I’d just do an all-out head-thumping tour, trying to get ahead of a grammar virus that has infected a lot of people. Lacking a time machine, however, I’ll see if I can turn a few people around with this post. 

Plain and simple, “try and” is never, never correct when you mean you are going to attempt to do something—as in “I’ll try and stop saying ‘try and’” or “I’ll try and invent a time machine.”

Instead, the right words are “try to.” So, I’ll try to stop saying “try and,” and I’ll try to invent a time machine. I’ll also try to come up with some better material than this.



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